The Purpose of Servant Partners is to seek Jesus together by living and serving among the world's urban poor. 

Change from the Bottom Up

Servant Partners sends, equips, and trains those who want to share their lives with the urban poor and see urban slums transformed.

We Send
Servant Partners sends teams of missionaries to slum communities to share their lives with the urban poor and live out the Gospel among their neighbors. Field teams partner with indigenous churches whenever possible, and where there are none, we plant them. Together, we work at the grass-roots level to address the spiritual and physical needs of the communities we serve. We see ourselves as catalysts for change, and emphasize relationships, flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking in ministry. Instead of creating a permanent Servant Partners presence, we evangelize, train, and empower people to transform their own communities in ways that will continue long after we are gone.

We Equip
Our Barnabas Ventures initiative gives technical assistance to and builds the capacity of indigenous Christian leaders who share a heart for the urban slums and are working at a national or international level. Rather than imposing our own agenda, we want to help them see their own vision become reality as they minister in culturally appropriate ways in their communities. Barnabas Ventures is currently working with organizations in Honduras, Brazil, India, and East Africa.  We are also developing businesses to assist local ministry partners, and help to promote a fair trade project which markets products created by the urban poor in Honduras, India and Uganda.

We Train
Interns in the Servant Partners Two Year Internship live, serve, and learn in urban poor communities in the United States. Interns gain a foundation of training and experience that prepares them for lives of service to and advocacy for the urban poor.  A majority of internship alumni are directly serving the urban poor either with Servant Partners or other organizations.  Our vision is that all of our internship alumni, regardless of career path, will influence the church at large to take action to live out God’s heart for the urban poor.  Our short term internships in Los Angeles and Manila provide opportunities to experience firsthand the lives of the poor, and to explore further calling to service.