Los Pinos, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

View of Tegucigalpa from above Los Pinos

In March 2011, we moved into an apartment in the Los Pinos Community.  Los Pinos has various sectors, and we live in the Plan de Los Pinos area.  Plan de Los Pinos has approximately 500 homes and is found in the lower part of Los Pinos.  Living where we work gives us the opportunity to form relationships more easily with the residents we work with, gaining more appreciation and understanding of their lives and struggles.  It is also an expression of the values of Servant Partners.  Below are some facts to give you more of an idea about the community.  We hope to share the Community Assessment later this year, if you are interested in more details.
Los Pinos is a slum community of more than 9,000 on the edge of Tegucigalpa.

Of 1,789 homes, 1,603 have at least one basic need un-met (water, electricity, etc)

Public water service reaches only a section of the community

Water is only turned on every 18 days

Los Pinos has few paved roads and no high schools

Only 10.5% of the population has made it to or past 10th grade

There are 3 churches in Plan de Los Pinos

There are 3 community organizations in Plan de Los Pinos (Community Board, Water Board, and Parent's Association)

There is currently no recreational area in Plan de Los Pinos

Plan de Los Pinos, from our roof
Typical home (plastic bottles for water storage)